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New to So Henna Brow Henna UK? 

Why not to try our best selling henna brows sample? We are confident you will fall in love with our shades.

  • Perfect amount for a perfect price
  • Enough for up to 5 treatments
  • Can be used for 2 weeks after opening
  • Each sachet contains 1g of So Henna powder
Color sample options:


How To Use So Henna - Brow Henna UK:

Step 1: Perform brow pretreatment as you have been taught on your training.

Step 2: Choose the So Henna colour suitable for your client.

Step 3: With the spatula (use small side) take 1 spoonful of brow henna powder from the jar and put it in a glass dappen dish

Step 4: Add distilled water with a dropper (approx 10 drops) and mix the solution until all particles are melted and you get a smooth consistency paste. For best and fastest mixing use So Henna Mixer.

TIP: You can play with the consistency from milky to creamy to achieve different results (from natural to strong stain).

Step 5: Apply henna paste to brows. Leave on for 8-15 mins (depending on the desired results)

Step 6: Remove with a damp cotton pad

Step 7: Remove unnecessary hairs using the method you prefer (waxing, tweezing, threading)

Step 8: Apply 1 drop of So Henna brow oil and comb the brows.


Important reminder - Please always make sure you patch test your clients 48 hours before using henna on their skin! Our henna is for professional use and should only be used by trained brow technicians. 

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